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Irfana Anwer is Ayuda’s Managing Pro Bono Attorney where she ensures that low-income and vulnerable immigrant communities have access to excellent legal services. Irfana previously served as the Director of the Language Access program at Ayuda where she advocated for equal access to justice for low-income residents of Washington DC.

Before joining Ayuda, Irfana practiced immigration law at Chaudry and Anwer immigration law. She has also served as the Executive Director of Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights. She founded Karamah’s family law division where she provided legal referrals for Muslim communities around the country in matters of family and immigration law. She also trained main stream services providers on how to best serve immigrant and Muslim victims of domestic violence.

Irfana also has extensive experience working on policymaking related to peace and security. She worked at Inclusive Security to strengthen the capacity of women policymakers.

Irfana is a advisory board member of the Peaceful Families Project, an organization with international reach devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families by educating religious leaders and communities, training service providers and developing resources. Irfana obtained her law degree from University of Essex and a Masters in Law from Boston University. She is barred in NY.